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Hi all.The Game is producing too many bugs and will be taken down until resolved.Thank you all for your comments.I will see to it that it gets fixed. 

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Your game doesnt load up right, all i see is a Mountain!?

Thank you.please see my comment to everyone.

"for some reason after i started it up it just crashes"

It's the same thing for me, or, when it don't crash, I can see water and maybe a little piece of.. beach ? I don't know.. and I can move the camera a little, under and over water. That's weird. 

@Neilerua Thanx for the comment will check on the crashing for the camera.can you move the camera when you move the character? because the view has been set up to be moved in a limited area around the character position.


for some reason after i started it up it just crashes

Thank you for the comment will check up on the crashing.

it would be idealy to let the user see a video of what the game is about

Thank you.I will see what I can do about that as the main idea of the game is to figure out what is going on and what to do next by yourself.